Pierce's All Purpose Non-Toxic Nu-Stock for All Animals 12oz

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  • Pierce's All-Purpose Nu-Stock is an effective treatment for most skin disorders and skin related ailments.
  • Nu-Stock promotes rapid healing and fast hair growth
  • Nu-Stock to speed the healing of cuts, bruises, burns, swelling and hair loss. Nu-Stock eliminates certain types of growths on animals and is effective against ear mites.
  • Proven effective against rain rot, pasture fungus, proud flesh, gnat bites, dermatoses and hair loss in horses.
  • Provides fast, effective relief from ring worm, screw worm, hotspots, red mange, demodex and sarcoptic mange in dogs.
  • Use Nu-Stock on cattle after dehorning and castrating for rapid healing.
  • Contains sulfur, mineral oil and pine oil. (75% Sulfur, 2% Pine Oil & 25% Mineral Oil)
  • With The High Sulfur Content, This Item Has A Strong Sulfur odor
  • Will Stain Clothing
  • Safe For All Animals Including Cats
  • This Sale Is For (1) 12oz Nu-Stock Tube