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    Herbal remedy drawing salve / Ointment Ichthammol salve is an alternative home herbal remedy used as a drawing salve. This refers to the fact that this salve is reputedly able to remove, or to draw out, things like infections, insect stingers, splinters, or other foreign particles from the skin to which it is applied. It is also thought to help heal minor wounds, burns, or abrasions, and to prevent infections due to its mild fungicidal and bactericidal qualities.

    • Ichthammol - salve is made by distilling oil shale, or more specifically sulfuric shale.
    • Active Ingredient - Ammonium Bituminosulonate 20%
    • Inactive Ingredients - Anhydrous Lanolin & Amber Petrolatum
    • Large 14oz Jar
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    • Made In USA With US & Foreign Componants
    • External Use Only
    • This Product May Staining on Clothing Or Skin
    • Expiration Date Is 10/18