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    Great Scented Candles By - Home Locomotion

    Great Scented Candles By - Home Locomotion

    Serenity Scent Tincture Bottle Candle - With this scent, floral and citrus notes call to mind the fresh feeling of a serene, exotic garden

    Passion Scent Tincture Bottle Candle - Ozone accord, sun lily and bergamot are infused with delicate notes of orange blossom, peony and night jasmine. Fruity peach and basil are melted into a dry down of vetiver, sandalwood, evergreen and musk

    Soothing Scent Tincture Bottle Candle - Strong notes of healing eucalyptus, lemon leaves and cooling menthol will transport you and your sense to a peaceful environment and leave you with a sense of clarity

    Purify Scent Tincture Bottle Candle - Earthy notes of sandalwood, orange, patchouli and cedar will naturally filter and neutralize your everyday stresses

    Relaxation Scent Tincture Bottle Candle - When you need to relax, the irresistible aroma of ripe pomelo, zesty tangerine and wild jasmine will calm your soul.

    Harmony Scent Tincture Bottle Candle - With the Harmony scent you will get a unique blend of dewy rose, ylang ylang, eucalyptus and violet

    Calming Scent Tincture Bottle Candle - Like a day at the spa, this fragrance of lavender, gardenia and jasmine will relieve fatigue. Complemented by undertones of vanilla and dewy melon, this fragrance will bring you to a sense of balance

    Tranquility Scent Tincture Bottle Candle - The scent of vanilla cream and almond wrap around the abundant top notes of orange citrus and lemon zest.

    Item weight: 0.49lbs
    Item dimensions: 1.70" W x 4.60" H x 1.70" L
    Materials: Glass Soy Blended Wax, Cork Stopper

    Burn time: up to 20 hours