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    Home Locomotion”

    Lavender Collins Highball Scented Candle - This scent features notes of fresh lavender, zesty lemon and lime juice, accented with gin, lemongrass and eucalyptus with undertones of spice, cedar and sandalwood

    Pink Lady Highball Scented Candle - This scent features tart apple, yuzu citrus fruit and lemon zest, with essences of pomegranate, honeydew, and grenadine. All supported by aromas of musk, gin and clean wood garnished with a hint of cherry

    Unicorn Cosmo Highball Scented Candle - The scent features notes of lemon zest, melon sorbet and champagne grapes. All accented with geranium, white lily and butterfly pea flower with undertones of rainbow cotton candy, vanilla and sugar crystals.

    Lemon Drop Highball Scented Candle - This scent features notes of lemon, white grapefruit and Triple-Sec accented with vodka, jasmine and cassis with undertones of crystalized sugar, bergamot and musk

    Hazelnut Pale Ale Beer Scented Candle - Make the wise choice! The Owl Night Long Hazelnut Pale Ale candle is a great gift for any beer lover, offering dark good looks and a nutmeg and orange-centered scent. This candle beats a nightcap! The unique Hazelnut Pale Ale scent opens with nutty nutmeg and orange before delicious heart is blended together with rich chocolate, butter, cherry and roasted hazelnut. All undercut with green hops and clove. Burn time: up to 50 hours, No Cork Stopper

    Item weight: 0.49lbs
    Item dimensions: 1.70" W x 4.60" H x 1.70" L
    Materials: Glass Soy Blended Wax Cork