• Genuine Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Natural Deep Mined Mini 3-5#

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    Himalayan salt lamps are created from Himalayan crystal salt mined from below the earth’s surface. These lamps contain 84 minerals and trace elements.  Each salt lamp is beautifully crafted and is attached to a rosewood base with stainless steel screws with a UL listed cord with an on/off toggle switch.

    Mini  3-5#'s 4-5"" tall natural shape covers approximately 64sqft

    Natural Cut Himalayan Salt lamps will add an amazing ambience to your living space.  Remember, all our high quality Himalayan Salt Lamps come complete with a rosewood base, stainless steel screws, UL listed cord with On / Off toggle switch, and box!

    Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!! Not all Himalayan salt is the same. The top layers on the salt mines is nothing be rock salt. Our naturally shaped lamps are "Deep Mined". 

    Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps, produce negative ions naturally while emitting a warm, ambient glow. Negative ions are known to help alleviate symptoms caused by allergies, sleep disorders, migraine headaches & depression. 

    Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps Are The Only Natural Ionizer & Air Purifier

    Includes Himalayan Salt Cart "Tag Of Authenticity"