• Buck Lee's Naturals Midnight Sky Charcoal Moisturizing Soap

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    Buck Lee's Naturals Midnight Charcoal Moisturizing Soap
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    Unique Sugar Scrub & Charcoal Facial Soap Bar. Includes Shea Butter Embedded Crescent Moon. 

    • Midnight Sky Facial Soap Is A Great Lathering & De-Toxing Bar
    • 4oz Bar
    • Handcrafted In Alabama
    • Ingredients:
      All Natural Soap Base, Argan Oil, Natural Hardwood Charcoal, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil

    Argan Oil - one of the most coveted carrier/base oils by cosmetic product manufacturers
    Charcoal - used to absorb toxic substances
    Bergamot EO - Fresh, Sweet Citrusy Scent. Promote Healthy, Clear Skin, Rejuvenates The Skin 
    Organic Sugar - Acts As A Exfoliant 

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