• Buck Lee's Naturals 4 Piece Incense Burner Starter Kit

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    Buck Lee's Naturals 4 Piece Incense Burner Starter Kit
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    Have you ever wanted to burn incense in your home but do not have the equipment or incense. Here's the starter kit built for you. Also you save verses buying individual items.

    • Small Decorative Metal Incense Burner – Antiqued in color, 2.69” in diameter & 2.97” in height

    • For Burning Resin or Cone Incense

    • Will handle up to a 40mm Charcoal Disk

    Includes the Following Incense:

      • ¼ Pound Pure Myrrh Resin - Earthy and sweet, Opopanax Gum, or as it is sometimes known, Sweet Myrrh, is useful in creating calming effects, aiding in meditation, and repelling negative energy, & evil spirits.

      • Used in Biblical Times - Typically the actual saps and resins gathered into granules added to a charcoal burner to create fragrant smoke.

      • This is the Real Sap Myrrh Resin, Not A Synthetic or other resin infused with myrrh oil.

      • May Include Some Wood Pieces As Harvested With Myrrh Resin.

      • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

      • These are larger resin granules & can be broken into smaller pieces.

      • ¼ Pound (4ounces) In Sealed Plastic Bag

    Kit contains:

    1. Antiqued Lotus Flower Incense Burner With Top

    2. ¼ Pound Frankincense Pure Resin

    3. ¼ Pound Pure Myrrh Resin

    4. 10 Pack Swift-Lite 40mm Charcoal Tabs

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